Toronto Home Basement Flooding Protection

8 May

Toronto Home Basement Flooding Protection

Many Toronto homeowners have discovered the importance of a comprehensive basement flooding program, much like Toronto backwater valves are important to the GTA. These mechanical devices help prevent the city sewage lines from flowing the wrong way through the pipes and stops water and sewage from suddenly coming back into your home. Whether you own a home or commercial building, you’ll need a backwater valve. We had a chance to speak with Absolute Draining & Plumbing, a Toronto area plumbing contractor with nearly two decades experience working in the City of Toronto. They explained to us some basics about basement flooding protection.

flooding from a hurricane or tropical storm

Are You In A Flood Risk Area?

The legal requirements of backwater valves depend on a number of factors, but the primary element is location. The City of Toronto has labelled certain areas of the city a flood risk, which means you will require certain items in order for your home to be compliant with the plumbing code. As of 2016, backwater valves are not part of those requirements, but this is changing in the near future. The City just recently delayed mandatory backwater valves for homes built before 1975, but the requirement is coming. It’s best to have one installed as soon as you can.

Seek Licensed Professional Plumbers

Regardless of whether your home is mandated to have backwater valves or not, it is highly recommended that you have one installed by a certified and trained plumbing service professional. They have the skills and experience necessary to ensure that your home has the right kind of flood protection in place, and can install a backwater valve in a relatively short amount of time. But most importantly, a certified and experienced plumber give you the best possible protection from water damage resulting from improper backwater valve installation.

While backwater valves are relatively simple mechanical devices, they need to be properly installed in order to work effectively. Backlog from the city’s sewage lines can actually be quite powerful with a lot of pressure behind it, so backwater valves need the be properly secured to work effectively. If they aren’t, you could experience water damage in your home and even have sewage come back into your home. Water damage can cost tens of thousands to fix and you’ll need to have backwater valve properly installed, so it’s better to get it installed properly the first time. Water damage is too expensive to take the risk.

Preventing Basement Flooding & Sewer Backup

In addition to backwater valves, your home may require other flood protection measures, such as sump pumps. All of these devices can be installed through a rebate with the City, who can reimburse you for up to $700 of your backwater valve installation costs. Other rebates can be discovered as well, which can cut costs for flood protection services and hardware.

Backwater valves may not be a legal requirement in Toronto, but they are highly recommended. These small, fascinating mechanical devices are able to hold a large amount of water back from reentering your home, protecting it from water and sewage damage. If you are unsure if your Toronto home has or needs a backwater valve, call a plumber to inspect your plumbing and drain system. They can install your new backwater valve and help keep your home safe.